File a Report Online

Is this an emergency? If yes, please call 911 immediately!

This application is provided to enable citizens to easily report non-emergency incidents. This option should not be used if anyone was injured as a results of the incident, there is any evidence that needs to be collected, or an officer needs to be dispatched to the incident location. The following offenses can be reported online:

Burglary of a Coin-Operated Machine
Credit Card Abuse
Gas Drive Off
Hit and Run Crashes
Identity Theft
Internet Fraud
Lost Property
Theft of Motor Vehicle
Theft of Service
All other Thefts
Vandalism (including graffiti)
Violation of Child Custody Order

All incidents reported online will be reviewed. If further information or investigation is required, you will be contacted via e-mail or phone. Once your report is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your Gainesville Police Department case number. 

Filing a false report is a crime (Texas Penal Code 37.08)
(a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to deceive, he knowingly makes a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation and makes the statement to:
(1) a peace officer or federal special investigator conducting the investigation, or
(2) any employee of a law enforcement agency that is authorized by the agency to conduct the investigation and that the actor knows is conducting the investigation.
(b) An offense under this section is a Class B misdemeanor

To proceed and file a report online, click here. 

To anonymously report a crime or suspicious activity, call the Gainesville Police Department Crime Tips Hotline at 
(940) 612-0000