Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is the investigative branch of the Police Department and is made up of five investigators that receive direction and support from a Sergeant and the CID Captain.

CID processes approximately two thousands cases annually, ranging from thefts, criminal mischief, burglaries, assault, sex crimes, crimes against children and aggravated assaults to homicide.

Criminal Investigators are specially trained and have the knowledge, skills, and experience allowing them to master interview and interrogations and crime scene processing.

Criminal Investigators are responsible for preparing and filing criminal cases from crimes occurring within the city limits of Gainesville with the Cooke County District Attorney, the County Attorney and other prosecutors. Investigators have a variety of assignments including follow-up investigations and the tracking and monitoring of registered sex offenders. The division is also responsible for thorough and comprehensive background investigations on any and all applicants during the hiring process.

The Criminal Investigations Division also encompasses the evidence and property room to which two Evidence Technicians are assigned. Evidence Technicians are trained and certified to handle all submitted evidence and work on final dispositions of evidence/property.

This division works closely with other agencies, prosecutors and the court system to ensure a successful prosecution of each case.

To report suspected criminal activities please call the Crime Tips Line at 940-612-0000 or feel free to message us via Facebook at If you have an emergency please call 911, if you need to make a non-emergency offense report please call 940-668-7777.

  1. Daniel Orr

    Criminal Investigation Division Captain

  1. Jack Jones

    CID Sergeant

  1. Ron Alford


  1. Randy Jones


  1. Chad Mathes


  1. Shane Greer


  1. Michael Young