Animal Control

Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for the enforcement of the City of Gainesville Animal Control Ordinance.

Our Animal Control Officer (ACO) work hours are Monday through Friday 7:00Am-3:00PM. Non-emergency calls are held until the ACO’s next work day. Emergencies are handled by on-duty Police Officers.

Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter is responsible for the care and custody of all impounded animals. The shelter is located at 2501 North Weaver Street in Gainesville.

For more information including operating hours visit Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter’s web site.


City Council recently approved an ordinance change that allows feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to be practiced legally in Gainesville. View the ordinance (PDF). They also approved creation of a TNR policy that specifies the requirements and responsibilities of those participating in TNR. One of the advantages to having TNR program requirements in policy form instead of prescribed in an actual ordinance is the ability to make adjustments as the program is being developed and implemented. City staff recognizes that much will be learned as we transition to a TNR community. A policy allows us to be more flexible when identifying alterations needed to improve the program. View the policy (PDF).

A full webpage for TNR has been added. Click here to view it.