Shutting Off Water

There may be occasions when you need to turn your water off, such as when repairing a drippy faucet, replacing the water heater, installing an irrigation system, or just simply to fix a water leak. Most homes are equipped with interior and exterior shut-off valves for this purpose.

Interior Shut-Off Valves

These are typically found in the following places:

  • Inside bathroom or kitchen cabinets, under the sink
  • Behind toilets
  • Above water heaters

Exterior (Private) Shut-Off Valves

You can shut off the water to the entire house by using the exterior shut-off valve. The valve is located in a valve box outside of the house. The valve is usually in a straight line directly from the meter box, close to the house itself. Sometimes, they may be located near the front faucet set in the ground.

Exterior Shut-Off at the Meter Box

If you have no other option but to shut the water off at the meter box, please contact our office at 940-668-4500. A service representative will be dispatched to assist you. They have the proper tools to access the meter. A cut-off valve can easily be broken if the proper tools are not used. There is no charge to you for this service.