Service Fees

The City of Gainesville offers many services to our citizens and some of these services require a minimal fee. If you have any questions regarding charges you may be unsure of, you may contact our office at (940)668-4500.

The following is a summary and brief description of service fees.

New Connect Fee

This is a one-time charge of $78.72 for initiating new service. This fee is nonrefundable and does not go towards the water bill. A deposit of $143.09 is also required. For commercial accounts, a one-time charge of $48.44 is required for new service plus a deposit based on the size of the meter.

Meter Test Fee

If you think your meter is measuring your water usage inaccurately, we will test it for you for a fee of $43.24. If the results of the test indicate that the meter is inaccurate, outside the industry standards, there will be no cost to you. This fee is normally added onto your water bill.

Cut-Off Fees

If your service is turned off due to nonpayment of the bill, a fee is charged to turn the service back on. If the meter reader has made a trip to your home to turn off water, the fee is still required even if you pay him on site.

Reconnect Fee (during working hours) - $30.28
Reconnect Fee (After hours - anything after 4:30 p.m.) - $67.96

To view a list of all our fees, please click here.

All Rates and Fees are Subject to Change

Upon Council Approval / Action