2020 Employees of the Month

June 2020


Awarded Employee of the Mont in recognition and appreciation for outstanding customer service and hard work.

Recently, Utility Service Representative Clay Dumas was called out after hours to assist a water customer and resident with a water emergency. The customer had high water standing under her house. The customer wrote to tell the City Manager, “Clay responded quickly and worked tenaciously to turn of the very stubborn 60-year old apparatus. He was a pleasure to deal with and represented the City well.”

Additionally, over the past couple of months, Clay has effectively been doing all meter reading functions by himself where, previously, there had been another meter reader assisting him. Certainly the City’s use of the automated Neptune meters has lessened the overall workload and allowed this efficiency to occur; however, Clay’s positive attitude in picking up any slack from the second position’s vacancy, as well as the part he has played in the extra cleaning/disinfecting of City Hall due to the COVID-19 situation, is very much appreciated by all and worthy of recognition.

Dumas, Clayton

May 2020


Awarded Employee of the month in recognition and appreciation for meritorious conduct.

Police Officer Shane Greer was recently temporarily assigned to work in the Criminal Investigations Division. During his time in CID, he has been able to greatly assist in property and evidence with tedious and time-consuming projects. He was a great help in preparing items that will be traded to GT Distributors for agency credit, he researched over 400 blood vials associated with intoxication offenses to determine if they were eligible for destruction, inventoried 6,300 floppy and compact discs and identified those eligible for destruction, and researched paraphernalia items to identify those eligible for destruction.

In addition, Officer Greer has been gregarious, arriving to work each day ready to work, with an optimistic outlook and gracious attitude with each assignment.

Greer, Shane 2

MARCH 2020


Awarded Employee of the Month in recognition and appreciation for outstanding work, teamwork and customer service.

In his short time of employment with the City of Gainesville as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for the Garage, Dustin Duncan has demonstrated exceptional knowledge of vehicles and equipment and displayed great mechanic skills. In addition, he is good to consider budgets and works hard to make sure he works within the budgets of other departments for equipment repairs. Dustin always has a positive, "can-do" attitude and works well with all departments.

Duncan, Dustin

February 2020

Jo Ann Mendez, Human Resources Coordinator

Awarded Employee of the Month in recognition and appreciation for outstanding hard work and dependability.

Over the last few months, Human Resources Coordinator Jo Ann Mendez has been working as a one-person department while the Human Resources Director has been out on medical leave. While this would be  a significant challenge for any person or department within the City, it seems especially challenging for HR given that HR handles a multitude of personnel situations and transactions with all departments of the City and over 200 employees. Jo Ann has done an excellent job in this respect in that all important pay, benefits, employee services, supervision issues, etc. have continued on with the same level of excellent service that we have all come to expect from our Human Resources Department.  

Mendez, Jo Ann.2