Storm Spotter Program

Storm Spotter Program

Weather is constantly changing and developing. Equipped with sophisticated radar sources, Gainesville Fire Rescue tracks the storms that effect our north Texas area and better inform the citizens of our community.

We receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service. Once these pages are received, the information is forwarded to the local law enforcement agencies and on-duty Storm Spotters when activation is requested.


Local radar information is received via our storm tracking software. We receive instant access to up-to-the-minute radar images, lightening information, winter weather forecasts, flood monitoring, and satellite pictures. The enhanced high-resolution radar images are received via the National Weather Service NEXRAD sites directly to a satellite on our premises. NEXRAD radar data not only determines how fast a storm is moving, but which areas are in the path of the storm. The storm’s intensity, direction, hail size, and estimated time of arrival are also available.

The information provided to us is crucial in warning the public of impending severe weather.

Updates on urgent weather conditions will be communicated to the public. Citizens are encouraged to sign up for Code Red to receive alerts.

The best investment you can make for yourself and family is to purchase a special NOAA weather radio with a tone alert feature. These NOAA weather radios are inexpensive and can be purchased at local radio or electronic stores.

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