Emergency Management

Emergency Management Division

The Emergency Management Division is responsible for coordinating efforts to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. The Division of Emergency Management is organized as a division of the Gainesville Fire Department under the direction of Wayne Twiner, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator.

To address potential threats, the Emergency Management Division maintains the city's emergency management plan. This plan provides the framework upon which the City of Gainesville prepares for, responds to, and performs its emergency response functions during times of natural or man-made disaster. The plan is based on the four phases of Emergency Management

  • Mitigation - Those activities which eliminate or reduce the probability of disaster
  • Preparedness - those activities which governments, organizations, and individuals develop to save lives and minimize damage
  • Response - Those actions that minimize loss of life and property damage and provide emergency assistance.
  • Recovery - Those short and long-term activities which restore city operations and help return the community to a normal state

Emergency Operations Center

When the City of Gainesville faces an emergency situation, the Emergency Operations Center may be activated. The division works with appropriate city departments as well as various county, state, and federal agencies to respond effectively and quickly provide for the continuity of services for the public. The Emergency Operations Center is located in the Gainesville Public Safety Center at 201 Santa Fe Street.

For more information on the City of Gainesville Emergency Management Division call (940) 668-7777.

  • Chief Wayne Twiner - Emergency Management Coordinator (ext. 5736)
  • Asst. Jason James - Asst. Emergency Management Coordinator (ext. 5732)
  • Tamara Sieger - Emergency Management Officer (ext. 5731)