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School Field Trips and Programs - Frank Buck Zoo

  1. Frank Buck Zoo Re-Opening

    As of May 2020, the Frank Buck Zoo is limited to 365 guests at one time. While we can still honor the group rate prices for your field trip, we cannot promise immediate entry into the zoo. We recommend that your group visits the zoo early in the day.

  2. School Information

  3. Field Trip Submission

    Please Note: If you are desiring programs during your field trip, please call in advance to confirm your program times are available. Booking Coordinator: 940-668-4539

  4. Please provide "School" number, not a personal number. We need this in the event of a child's emergency.

  5. Teacher Contact

  6. Please provide an alternate cell number (not a school number) to contact you during your field trip if we cannot reach the school number. Children could get separated from their group accidentally, and we need someone on grounds who can be reached.

  7. Field Trip Information

  8. Only enter individuals to be included on your invoice. Parents & siblings may only get the discounted chaperone rate of $6.00 & student rate of $4.00 when they are included with the school invoice. Parents that are paying for their own entrance into the zoo will pay general admission - $7 for adults & $5 for children (ages 1-12).

  9. Life Skills Aides should also be included in the number of teachers/chaperones from the first field. Life Skills Aides are free of charge when they are assigned one-on-one with a special needs student.

  10. Bus drivers are allowed free admission, please do not include them in your teacher/chaperone headcount.

  11. UPDATE

    Please contact Education at (940) 668-4539 to inquire about Animal Encounters for field trips.

  12. Optional Educational Programs

    If you would like to schedule an educational program, please fill out the form below. Staff will reach out to you to ensure that your requested date and time are available.

    Please note that amphitheater programs are limited to 25 people at this time.

    Contact the Education department at 940-668-4539 to confirm your date and time of program.

  13. Animal Connection Programs - Available during School Year only

    The Frank Buck Zoo offers educational Animal Connection Programs ($105) for school groups during the school year only.

    Programs are held in our outdoor amphitheater which can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. If your group is larger than 25 people you will need to schedule multiple programs, any subsequent programs are $95 each. Programs can be tailored to your group and curriculum.

  14. Zookeeping 101 - Available during school year only

    The Frank Buck Zoo offers Zookeeping 101 for Jr. High, High School & College Students.

    Zookeeping 101 is a behind the scenes opportunity and can accomodate up to 25 ($105 for 25 people) If you have more than 25 people you will need to schedule multiple program. Any subsequent programs are $95 each.

  15. Program Time Confirmation

    Did you contact the Booking Coordinator in advance regarding your program times?

  16. What time(s) would you tentatively like to schedule your Animal Connection Programs? Please note that Animal Connection programs are scheduled 40 minutes apart, and are on a first come, first served basis. If you haven't contacted the booking coordinator in advance, we may need to contact you shortly after receiving your request to discuss available times.

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