Fire Code and Plans Submittal

Currently Adopted Fire Code

The City of Gainesville Ordinance 1511-06-2022 adopted the 2018 IFC, Appendices, and Code Amendments in June, 2022.

2018 IFC Code Amendments 

Contractor Registration

All contractors conducting work that requires a permit for Fire Protection Equipment must be registered with the City. No contractor may obtain a permit without first registering with the City.

To register with the City, contractors must submit a completed application for contractor registration (see below), a copy of their valid driver's license, and a certificate of liability insurance showing $1,000,000 per occurrence and listing the City of Gainesville as certificate holder. To register with the City please call 940-668-4799 if you have questions about registering as a contractor.

In addition to being registered with the City, Fire Protection contractors are required to be licensed by the State of Texas. Ask your prospective contractors if they are registered with the City and the State, and ask to see their license to confirm they comply with local and state laws. All contractors that register with the City are given a contractor identification card that they should be able to produce, or the citizen may email the Community Development Department or call 940-668-4799 to inquire about a particular contractor.

Before your contractor begins work, ask to see the issued permit. Owners are responsible for ensuring that any work conducted on their property is properly permitted. Double fees are applied to projects that fail to obtain a permit.

Contractor Registration

Construction Document Submittals

Two (2) paper copies and one (1) digital, (PDF or DWG format), of the completed set of construction documents are required for plan review. Construction documents must be submitted along with completed permit application form.

NOTE: Drawings containing a label such as “not for construction” or “for pricing only” will not be accepted for permit application.

Plan submittals, permit applications, and permit issuance originate at the City of Gainesville Community Development Department located at
104 West Hird Street, 940-668-4799.

Fire Protection Permit Application (PDF)