Substandard Structures

Dilapidated/Substandard Building Violation

If you have received a violation notice and letter advising you of a substandard structure, the next step is to schedule an inside inspection with the building inspector and code officer. The inspector will point out all the deficiencies that must be addressed to bring the property into code compliance. (A building inspection report will be mailed to you after the inspection.)

If you decide the repairs will cost too much or if you simply are not interested in repairing the structure, you may take advantage of the City's Voluntary Demolition Program (outlined above) before the case appears before the Building & Standards Commission. Once a case is heard by the Commission, the Voluntary Demolition Program is no longer an option.

If you want to save the building, you may appear before the Building & Standards Commission and present a scope of work and timeline for the repairs. The BSC will hear both the staff report and the property owner's proposal and then render a decision on whether the property owner may repair the structure or must demolish it at the property owner's expense.

The BSC is a quasi-judicial board, their decision is can be appealed directly to the District Court. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of the BSC order, or the decision is final.

* Building & Standards Commission hearings are the third Thursday of every month.

* BSC hearings cannot be rescheduled.

* Permits are required for any repairs ordered by the Commission. All contractors must be registered with the City and licensed by the State, if necessary (electricians, plumbers, etc.).


The City's Voluntary Demolition Program has been successful in removing over 300 dilapidated/substandard buildings since the program began in 2012. The program provides free demolitions to residential property owners within the City limits that have substandard buildings they would like to demolish. The City performs the demolition, removes the debris to a landfill and cleans and grades the lot. Property owners retain 100% ownership. Please contact Code Compliance, 940-668-5749, if you would like to participate or would like more information.