Contracts and Procurement

The City of Gainesville follows a centralized business model with each department handling all non-construction goods and services for themselves. Construction and Engineering requests for proposals are administered by the Administration Department.

The City of Gainesville is committed to providing financial transparency. As such, we make every effort to deliver financial information that is readily accessible and available for our citizens. Our mission is to provide quality service to our customers and vendors, by implementing and supporting processes that provide timely, cost-effective, and high-quality contracts. With the implementation of the Transparency Stars Program by the State Comptroller of Public Accounts, there is an additional standard of excellence that the City of Gainesville will strive to achieve.

To learn more about the Comptroller's efforts to encourage transparency among local government agencies, please visit the Texas Transparency website.

Contracts and Procurement Summary

Data presented is from the most recently completed, audited fiscal year

Figures include requests for proposals and qualifications.


  • Total on procurement and contracting opportunities city-wide: $1,271,503.46
  • Total per capita: $72.39


  • Total number of publicly posted bidding and contracting opportunities: 4
  • Total dollar amount of bids received from invitations for bid or requests for proposals: $10,840,679.75


  • Total number of awarded contracts: 4
  • Total dollar amount awarded from contracts: $4,349,039.50

Terminology/ Description of Summary Information

Fiscal Year: The City's fiscal year is from October 1st through September 30th.

City-Wide: Total includes data from contracts approved by City Council.

Bidding: Items in the bidding process include those items advertised for formal competitive procurement by the Administration offices on behalf of all City departments.

Contracting: The City's contracts begin and end on an as-needed basis. Some contracts and spending can span multiple fiscal years.

Per Capita: The per capita figures are based on the 2022 data from the Texas Office of the State Demographer population estimate of 17,565.

Total Award: The amount of the successful bid or proposal as approved by council after a formal solicitation.

Total Authorized: The amount council approves to be spent on any contract regardless of method of procurement. For graphs showing authorizations versus spend, the authorized amounts include not only new bid/ proposal awards, but also contracts presented for consideration by council and approved.


The City of Gainesville publishes bid opportunities in the Gainesville Daily Register and online using the City's bid module. Please sign up with the module to receive a text message or email when new bids are added. Advertisements for invitation to bid will indicate the appropriate method for response by bidders.

Graphs and Visualizations

Bid Documents

Includes awarding resolution, bid advertisement and addendum, tabulations, and recommendation for award.

Check Registers

View the check registers page.

Purchasing Procedures and Policies

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GASB Statements

GASB pronouncements currently applicable to the City of Gainesville's contracts and procurement, or that will be applicable upon the effective date of the GASB statement are as follows:

  1. J.I. Johnson

    Finance Director