Adopt an Animal


You can help support your favorite animals at the Frank Buck Zoo!  Your "adoption" helps provide habitat, enrichment, and environmental enhancements for the animals in our care. 

Do I actually get to take the animal home with me?
No. The Frank Buck Zoo’s adoption program is a symbolic adoption and the animal will remain at the Zoo.

Will anyone else adopt this animal?
Yes. It takes more than one adoption to feed and care for an animal all year. All adoptions support the care and feeding of the animal residents at the Zoo.

Can I have multiple recipient names on my Adoption certificate?

No. Each animal needs the care and support of multiple donations, therefore, only one name will be printed on the Adoption certificate.

Can I name my adopted animal?
No. All our Zoo residents have names and we are more than happy to add it to your certificate upon request.

How quickly will my adoption package arrive?
Please allow 7-10 business days for Adoption Packages to arrive via U.S. Mail.  Adoption packages are not available for shipment outside of the U.S.

May I purchase an adoption onsite at the Zoo?
No. All adoptions must be done online or over the phone.

How long does my adoption last?
Each adoption lasts for one year but our animal family would love to have your continued support. When your year is up, you may renew your adoption online or over the phone.

All the adopted animals remain in the care and custody of the Zoo, and no ownership rights are conferred.  Due to their popularity, some animals may receive concurrent adoptions.  All adoptions are valid for one year. Like all living creatures, Zoo animals may become ill, pass away or move to another zoo temporarily or permanently.  If the animal leaves for any reason, your symbolic adoption can be transferred to another animal for the remainder of your adoption year.