Kimberly Cain

Kimberly Cain

Name: Kimberly Cain

Year Joined FBZS: 2009

Current City: Valley View, Tx

Hometown: Valley View, Tx

Work: Sales at Quasar Energy Services

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids: I am married with 3 little girls.

Why did you join FBZS?: I was able to intern with First State Bank in 2007 and attended several events for our hometown zoo.  There are so many amazing board members and I have enjoyed every aspect of growing our zoo.

What is your favorite thing about the Frank Buck Zoo?: I enjoy taking my kids to the Zoo and seeing their faces light up when they learn about the animals.

What is your favorite event?:  I love them all!!!!  Zoo Boo, Zoobilee, & Zoo La La each one is so fun and every year we work hard to make it even better!