Louise Mahnich

Louise Mahnich

Name: Louise Mahnich

Year Joined FBZS: 2009

Current City: Gainesville, Texas

Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas

Work: Retired Secretary

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids: Married; 3 children, 6 grandchildren

Why did you join FBZS?: I was invited to attend a board meeting where I was asked to join. The energy and excitement exhibited by those board members made me want to immediately jump in and be a part of our wonderful zoo!

What is your favorite FBZS Event? Both major fundraisers, ZooLaLa and Zoobilee are fun, fun, fun. ZooLaLa is a style show and Zoobilee is a themed celebration in anticipation of the new year at the zoo. Because they both are so unique, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite!

What is your favorite thing about the Frank Buck Zoo?: The cheetahs, giraffes, prairie dogs, oh my… ALL of the animals and our brilliant staff who work with their love of these animals showing in everything they do!