Heroes Among Us Series

The “Heroes Among Us” story series will be released twice monthly, featuring local heroes and organizations that exemplify the Totally Texas, All American spirit that is the fabric of the Gainesville Community. Stories are contributed by the City of Gainesville, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Gainesville Economic Development Corporation, Gainesville Independent School District, and North Central Texas College. Keep an eye out for the stories and see who we celebrate next!

Release is coordinated by the City of Gainesville. 

Heroes Among Us

lane holcomb

Lane Holcomb Zoomed

Photo courtesy of Lane Holcomb.

Volunteer: a person who freely gives their time and effort, expecting nothing in return. This definition is well known in our community, as we have many organizations and groups that depend heavily on volunteers. These people sacrifice their time to better the lives of others and the community as a whole every day. However, there is one volunteer in particular who goes above and beyond what is asked of them, and who you can always count on to be there wherever help is needed. That volunteer is none other than Lane Holcomb.

Lane was born in Bethany, Missouri. He earned his AAS degree in Electronics and was enlisted into the Vietnam War. After serving two years and seven months of his four-year enlistment, Lane was able to return home and was awarded with a Bronze Star in 1972. Shortly after, Lane went on to work for the Ford Motor Company where he stayed for over 32 years and developed his passion for cars. He has been involved with the Sports Car Club of America and the Special Vehicle Team Owner Association.

Once he retired, Lane went to work for a contractor for eight years doing all types of repair work on homes and rentals. After this job, he and his wife, Gay, moved to Whitesboro in 2009 where he started his position as a Ranch Manager at Horseman’s Ranch. Although they weren’t Gainesville residents, Lane says that he considered Gainesville as their home. In 2016, Lane and Gay officially moved to Gainesville. “Moving closer has been great, as I am enjoying doing things in the Gainesville community,” he said. “Gainesville has a warm atmosphere, friendly, and giving group of people.”

It’s clear that Lane has quite a diverse and impressive resume, but that’s only scratching the surface of what makes him a hero among us. Lane has been heavily involved with the Gainesville Lion’s Club for eight years, serving as Club President for two years, and currently he is the Zone Chairman of the club. As the Zone Chairman, he is responsible for meeting with similar clubs from other areas to learn what they are doing in their respective towns and guide each other in how to better their organizations. On top of that, he has also been the Director for the Texas Lion’s Camp for two years.

As if you thought the list would stop there, Lane is currently a member and a Sergeant of Arms for the Gainesville Citizen’s Police Academy. He has served as Vice President for this organization and has been with them for eight years.

He is also highly active with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce serving as one of their Ambassadors. Lane has attended nearly every Chamber Ambassador event since he joined the Ambassadors team at the beginning of 2018.

If you want to meet Lane, he won’t be hard to come by. He seems to be in multiple places at once, but that is just how Lane Holcomb is. Kanita Maxwell, the Secretary of the Lion’s Club, can attest to that fact as she stated, “He’s always there when you need him. I can’t say enough, there’s so much he does.”

Lane is constantly looking for opportunities to make a positive impact in the community, be it at VISTO or Abigail’s Arms, helping protect our community with the Citizen’s Police Academy, or even giving eye screenings at schools with the Lion’s Club. Whatever it is, be sure to thank him for his service to both our country and our community. Gainesville would not be the place it is today without people like Lane Holcomb.

Story contributed by Morgan Moore, Executive Director, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.