Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Summary

The administration of Gainesville Fire-Rescue developed the initial comprehensive strategic plan for the department over a decade ago. Since initial implemention, it has been updated annually with the intent of developing short, mid, and long-term goals.

The mission and vision statements were developed Gainesville Fire-Rescue. Values were determined and accountability was assigned for maintaining those values. A history of the fire service in Gainesville was developed to identify the organization’s roots.

A comprehensive Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT) was completed for the organization. Strengths and weaknesses of Gainesville Fire-Rescue have been identified. Opportunities for development of new programs, involvement in local and regional groups, and obtaining new funding sources have been listed & potential threats have been identified. The plan is divided into key areas of responsibility:


The current operations and plans for the future cannot be accomplished without adequate personnel. Current and future personnel needs are projected through career staffing.

Public Safety Education:

A proactive approach has been developed for the present as well as the future in the area of Fire Prevention. Public safety education programs have been expanded and additional programs have been implemented.

Apparatus & Equipment:

Without adequate and proper apparatus, vehicles, equipment and facilities, Gainesville Fire-Rescue personnel cannot perform assigned tasks. A schedule has been developed for replacement of apparatus, vehicles, and equipment with cost projections to assist in budgeting. Replacement, relocation, maintenance, and construction of facilities have been addressed. Long-term projections based on city growth patterns and land use plans have identified future fire station needs and locations.

Emergency Response:

In the area of emergency response, current and potential problems have been identified. The enhancement of mutual-aid and automatic-aid agreements has been addressed. The demographics of Cooke County affect the types and levels of emergency medical response within the city. The Medical First Responder program was implemented in 2015.


Training of personnel will continue to be of paramount importance to the organization. As new methods and tools become available it will be imperative that personnel stay on the cutting edge of the evolving technology through a well-developed, diversified training program.

Health & Safety:

The health and safety of personnel is of utmost importance to the organization. The development of proactive programs to protect employees from illness, injury, and death is ongoing. Exposures to products of combustion can pose immediate as well as long-term unseen health problems. Continued development and enhancement of a comprehensive fitness and wellness program with requirements for complete in-depth annual medical examinations should reduce the chances for the development of potentially fatal progression of diseases caused from long-term exposure to chemicals released during fires.


Technology continues to change the fire service at a rapid pace. The Public Safety Center and Gainesville Fire-Rescue have been leaders in the development and use of technology for the city. Changes in technology will continue to impact the organization more than this document can describe and will occur at a faster rate and with greater effect than the scope of this planning team can comprehend. It is critical for Public Safety to maintain and keep pace with technological advances to increase productivity and efficiency and to streamline business processes that directly impact the customers we serve.

Emergency Management:

Emergency Management continues to be in a state of evolution requiring a higher demand of time and resources from Emergency Management Staff with Gainesville Fire-Rescue. Homeland Security has become an all-encompassing term to describe activities concerned with disaster management. A reliance on regional planning and resources will continue to impact the City’s emergency planning strategies.

The comprehensive Strategic Plan has been designed to provide direction to the employees and leadership of Gainesville Fire-Rescue now and many years into the future.