Gainesville Citizens On Patrol (G.C.O.P.)

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Gainesville Citizens on Patrol (G.C.O.P.)

Program Overview

The Gainesville Police Department recruits, trains and supervises citizen volunteers who wish to assist Gainesville Police Officers and their community. These citizen volunteers are not commissioned as sworn officers and have no enforcement authority beyond that of any citizen but assist Officers with designated, non-confrontational activities.


After completing basic training in the Gainesville Citizens on Patrol (G.C.O.P.) program, citizen volunteers complete at least 4 hours of patrol per month. Citizen volunteers perform:

  • Aid in a variety of administration and clerical situations at the police station
  • Aid in crime scene assistance (setting up barricades and outer perimeter help)
  • Assist in lost children / adults
  • Assist in officer shuttles (such as between the station, an accident scene or hospital)
  • Event / parade patrols
  • Handle special enforcement requests, such as investigating speeding in school zones (relaying information to the traffic division)
  • Inspect the perimeter integrity of identified homeland security sites

Citizen volunteers are issued equipment by the police department, wear official G.C.O.P. uniforms, and drive specially marked vehicles bearing the G.C.O.P. logo. Volunteers receive specialty training in their field of interest, rather than being generalists in all areas and can choose from a variety of shift duties and hours.

Volunteer Qualifications

The program provides a platform for citizens who want to serve their community while assisting law enforcement. Citizen volunteer qualifications:

  • Have no DWI convictions in the past 10 years
  • Have no felony convictions in any state
  • Have no more than one class C misdemeanor conviction in the last three years
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be an alumni of the Citizen’s Police Academy
  • Must be in compliance with Texas liability insurance requirements for motorists
  • Must have a valid Texas Driver License
  • Must live or work in Gainesville
  • Must pass a thorough background investigation

To gain more information about the G.C.O.P. Program and/or the free Citizens Police Academy contact Captain Mark Brazelton by or at 940-668-4760.