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  • Medical Benefits (employee coverage paid for by City of Gainesville)
  • Life Insurance, Optional Life and Dependent Insurance coverage
  • Paid Sick Leave (accrued at 8 hours per month)
  • Paid Vacation (10 days annually, 15 days annually after 10 years of service, 20 days annually after 20 years of service)
  • Paid Holidays (10 paid holidays per year)
  • Retirement Benefits through Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS). Employee contribution is 6%; City matches employee contributions on a 1 to 1.5 basis upon retirement of the employee. Employees are vested after 5 years of service credit and are eligible for retirement after 20 years of service credit or age 60 and vested.
  • Optional Deferred Compensation
  • Furnished Uniforms, Firearms & Ballistic Vest
  • Extensive training opportunities
  • Police Department Fitness Facility

Minimum Qualifications

By the date of the examination, applicants must:

  • Be 21 years of age.
  • Be an American citizen
  • Possess a High School Diploma or G.E.D.;
  • Possess a valid Texas Motor Vehicle Operator's License;
  • Be able to read and write English;
  • Be free of disease or physical and/or mental defect that would in any manner interfere with the applicant performing the duties of a Police Officer;
  • Must be licensed or in the process of becoming licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

Minimum Salary 

Police Cadet $40,532.76 Annually

Meets TCOLE requirements to attend academy

Police Officer Trainee $42,559.40 Annually

Meets TCOLE training standards, pass TCOLE exam, receives temporary TCOLE license

Police Officer $44,687.00 Annually

Meets TCOLE training standards, receives "Basic" TCOLE License

Police Officer 1 $47,368.22 Annually

years with the City of Gainesville Police Department as a licensed peace officer

Police Officer 2 $50,210.31 Annually

years with the City of Gainesville Police Department as a licensed peace officer

Police Officer 3 $53,725.03 - $94,018.80 Annually

years with the City of Gainesville Police Department as a licensed peace officer

Promotional Steps


$56,948.53 - $99,659.93 Annually 


$60,934.93 - $106,636.13 Annually 


$63,981.68 - $111,967.94 Annually 


$71,019.66 - $124,284.41 Annually 

Certification Pay

Associates Degree 

$200.00 Annually 

Bachelors Degree 

$400.00 Annually 

Masters Degree

$600.00 Annually
Field Training Officer 

$600.00 Annually 

Instructor Certificate 

$480.00 Annually 


$960.00 Annually 


$960.00 Annually 


$1,440.00 Annually 


$1,800.00 Annually 


* Cumulative amount for Intermediate, Advanced, and
 Masters TCOLE Certifications is $4,200.00 Annually.*

Department Divisions and Specialized Units 

Patrol Division: This is the largest division of the Gainesville Police Department. It is divided into four patrol shifts. The Patrol Division responds to calls for service and enforces criminal and traffic laws. The Patrol Division has the responsibility for the protection of life and property; prevention of crime; enforcement of federal, state and local laws and the apprehension of violators of these laws.

Criminal Investigative Division (CID): The Gainesville Police Department CID supports the Patrol Division on call outs and follow-up investigations. Our Criminal Investigators are specially trained and have the knowledge, skills, and experience allowing them to master interview and interrogations and process crime scenes.

K-9 Unit: The Gainesville Police Department K9 Unit is a "dual purpose" unit, used for both patrol duties and narcotics detection. In the patrol role, it can be utilized for suspect apprehension and searching areas and buildings for hiding suspects. In the narcotics detection role, it is used to detect the presence of the odor of illegal narcotic substances, often in areas purposely hidden from officers.

Marine Patrol: The Gainesville Police Department’s Marine Patrol is comprised of specially trained Marine Safety Enforcement Officers. Their duties consist of enforcing state law and local ordinances, as well as curtailing safety issues on Moss Lake. The Marine Patrol Unit is active in educating the boating public in the safe operation of all types of watercraft. They routinely provide boating safety tips, as well as safety equipment inspections.

Special Response Team (SRT): The Gainesville Police Department SRT is a unit comprised of officers that work high-risk incidents requiring special training, tactics, and weapons. The SRT is a group of dedicated, highly trained, and motivated officers who are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. SRT members must be ready and prepared for a call out with only a moment's notice.