Itinerant Vendor Permits

City ordinance requires that an itinerant vendor register with the City of Gainesville. Itinerant vendor definition includes all peddlers, solicitors, or itinerant merchants, applicants and their agents, servants, employees and representatives as any of those terms are defined herein.
(Ordinance No. 473-5-91)

Those persons interested in operating a food truck or conducting sales at the Farmers Market, or a combination of both should view the Farmers Market webpage, or click here.

For your convenience, the City of Gainesville has provided a checklist with the application available below.

1. Every person desiring to conduct sales activity in the city as an itinerant vendor shall have a license issued by the City Secretary. It is unlawful for an itinerant vendor to conduct sales activity in the city without a license.

2. Every person desiring a license to conduct sales activity in the city as an itinerant vendor shall make a written application to the City Secretary.

3. Upon application for license being made by the applicant, the City Secretary shall deliver the application to the Chief of Police, who shall investigate and verify the correctness of the application and report his findings to the City Secretary by 5:00 p.m. the second business day.

4. A license granted under this article shall be valid for one hundred eighty (180) days but may be renewed once for one hundred eighty (180) days, if made within the initial one hundred eighty-day period of the original licenses. Each applicant or representative for renewal must verify permit information as correct and file copies of sales tax returned for the prior license period.

5. A fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) shall be charged for processing the application to partially defray the expenses of enforcing the provisions of this article for those vendors going door-to-door.  For food truck operations, the fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100). Such fee is nonrefundable.

6. The City Secretary, upon receiving the completed investigation of the Chief of Police, shall issue a permit [license] to the applicant unless it is determined that a violation has occurred.

Application for Itinerate Vendor, Farmers Market Vendor, or Food Truck Operations- 1 Year

2022-2023 Downtown Gainesville Texas Farmers Market ONE DAY Vendor Application