Stormwater Drainage Division

The Storm Water Drainage Division provides maintenance for the city’s storm drainage system, which includes bridges, inlet cleaning, and ditch grading & cleaning. The division also maintains drainage for streets and right-of-way, mowing right-of-ways, drainage channels, detention ponds and street sweeping.

This division, responds to emergencies and weather related events as needed to ensure safe conditions for residents.

Drainage Criteria & Design Manual

Click on following link to view Drainage Criteria Manuel. Drainage Criteria & Design Manual (PDF)

Street Sweeping

The Street Sweeping program provides a high level of service throughout the City in support of community cleanups, civic functions, and dedicated service to the most highly traveled corridors within the City.

Reporting Problems

To report any problem during normal working hours for stormwater drainage issues call the Public Works Department, Stormwater Division at (940) 668-4540.

For after hour emergencies, contact the Gainesville Police Department at (940) 668-7777 and the request will be forwarded to our standby personnel.