Inspection Information

Inspections are required for all issued permits. The permit holder is responsible for contacting the City to schedule an inspection. All work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved by the inspector.

To schedule an inspection, contact the City of Gainesville Community Development Department at 940-668-4799. Inspections are set up with the City and then forwarded to the inspectors. (Do not contact an inspector to set up an inspection.)

When scheduling an inspection, please provide the address or permit number and type of inspection needed. Inspections must be requested by 4pm the day before the inspection is needed. Inspections requests received after 4pm will be processed the following day. The City does not schedule same-day inspections.

Inspections are conducted within 24-48 hours of a request (excluding holidays and weekends).

Applicants may not request inspections until work is ready to be inspected.


If an inspection fails, there will be fees accessed for a re-inspection:

1st fail - $50.00
2nd fail - $100.00
3rd fail - $100.00

*All fees must be paid prior to any re-inspection.