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Zoo Snooze
Zoo Snooze is a fun way for scout and other youth groups to experience the zoo at night.  Participants arrive at 7 pm, set up their tents, then enjoy crafts, animal encounters, activities, a guided night hike through the zoo, an evening snack, and then settle in to snooze to the nighttime sounds of the zoo.  The next morning they will wake to breakfast and more animal encounters.  Interested in a Zoo Snooze for your scout or youth group? 

Minimum age 7 years old.  Minimum number of participants 20.  $45 per person.  There must be a minimum of 1 adult for every 4 children. 

To check availability please fill out a Zoo Snooze Form and someone will contact you to confirm your date.

Zoo Snooze

Zoo Snooze
6:45 pm    Group will meet in the park & wait for everyone to arrive.
                     Group Leader to make arrangements for payment.

7:00 pm    Let the fun begin!  Everyone enters the zoo & lock the gates 
                      for the night.

  • Set up tents
  • Participate in activities & crafts
  • Play Zoo Games
  • Enjoy a snack and bathroom break
  • Explore the zoo on a night hike
  • Snooze in the zoo!!!

7:00 am    Wake up  and get cleaned up for breakfast.

7:45 am    Breakdown tents & pack up gear and move it to area by gift shop.

8:15 am    Meet-up with Keeper for an animal encounter.

8:45 am    Be ready to move gear out of zoo entry before the zoo opens at 9:00 am.

After taking gear to your cars you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

When are we to arrive and when will we be finished?
Arrival time is 7 pm sharp.  Please plan to have everyone arrive about 6:45 pm so everyone can come through the gates at one time.  Once everyone is in there will be no in and out to vehicles, so please plan accordingly.  Plan to have everyone take their overnight gear out to their vehicles at 8:50 am the following morning.

I have some dads who would like to attend, is this possible?
Yes.  If you are alright with dads attending, that is fine with us.

What do the campers need to bring?
They will need to bring tents, sleeping bags, and toiletries.  Tents may be erected in the open area next to the entry building.  Bathrooms are close by.

Will there be snacks on Friday night?
Yes.  We will provide snacks and activities Friday night.

Are leaders allowed to bring snacks/drinks?
No, we will provide snacks & drinks.

Will breakfast be served?
Yes, we will provide breakfast on the dining deck off of the back of the entry building.

Please note that while we allow the adults to have cell phones for emergency communications, we ask that they be used only sparingly.  Please do not allow the child participants to bring any form of electronics as this distracts from the experience.  Our goal is to provide a rare opportunity to unplug from technology and connect with one another and experience nature together.