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Application for Annual Pass

  1. Purchaser's Information:
    Complete the information below for the person who is paying for the Annual Pass.
  2. Purchaser's Mailing Address
  3. Passholder's Information
    Complete the information below for the names and address that will be on the Annual Pass.
  4. Passholder's Mailing Address
  5. Recipient Information*
  6. Delivery Options*
  7. Type of Annual Pass*

    Family Passes and Grandparent Passes include up to 4 minor-aged children at no extra charge.

  8. I have read & understand the Terms of Agreement:*
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  10. Payment
    ATTENTION: When you hit submit for the application pass, a screen to pay via Paypal will come up. If you exit out of the paypal screen accidentally, you will need to call the Gift Shop to receive a link for payment.
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