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Garage Services Satisfaction Survey

  1. By participating in this survey, you will be assisting the City Garage by providing useful information concerning our customer service and quality of repairs. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.
  2. Was this service or repair a return visit from a previous service or repair for the same issue that was not fixed?
  3. Did you have confidence that City Garage Staff understood your service or repair request when you dropped off the vehicle or equipment?
  4. Was City Garage Staff friendly and helpful?
  5. Was the work to be performed explained beforehand?
  6. Were you, or was the department, contacted in an appropriate manner (as you requested) when the vehicle or equipment was ready for pickup?
  7. Was your service or repair completed on time as promised?
  8. Was the work performed and the breakdown of the charges to your deaprtment provided to you upon completion?
  9. Was the vehicle or equipment and all paperwork and necessary documentation completed and ready for you when you arrived to pick up the vehicle or equipment?
  10. Do you feel City Garage Staff made an effort to avoid inconvenience to you and your department?
  11. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with this experience with the City Garage?
  12. Overall, how satisfied or disatisfied are you with City Garage Staff?
  13. How convenient is the City Garage to use?
  14. Would you like for the General Services Director to contact you to respond to your comments?
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