The City of Gainesville has established a comprehensive sign ordinance to regulate signs within the corporate limits of the City of Gainesville. To apply for a sign permit, please call the Permit and Planning Technician at (940)-668-4799.

For official sign standards, please refer to Chapter 5, Article IV Signs of the City of Gainesville's Code of Ordinances. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the sign code may be directed to the Community Development Department at 940-668-4799 or

Sign Variance

A sign variance is a request to deviate from a literal requirements of the City of Gainesville's Comprehensive Sign Ordinance due to special circumstances. It is not considered a change in municipal law, but a waiver of a certain requirement of the ordinance. If granted, it permits the owner to construct a sign that deviates from certain requirements in the ordinance. The Planning and Zoning Commission hears cases on sign variance requests. Sign variance requests adhere to the same process as zoning cases.