The Gainesville Municipal Court now offers an E-Court Appearance option. E-Court allows defendants to dispose of eligible cases (see eligibility requirements below) via a video conference with the judge using the free application ZOOM, either on your computer or on wireless device. E-Court is completely voluntary and is offered to defendants who are unable to appear at the Gainesville Municipal Court in person to dispose of their case(s).

                                         Attending an E Court Appearance allows defendants to:  

  • Enter a plea of guilty or no contest. Defendants who plead GUILTY or NO CONTEST via the E-Court Appearances have the same opportunities for payment plans, compliance dismissals, drivers safety courses, or deferred dispositions.

  • Request an extension of the due dates established by previous judgment. You will need to be prepared to provide extenuating circumstances to the judge as to why an extension is needed.

  • Enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and request a trial by judge or trial by jury on a later date. Please note that trials are not held via the E-Court Appearance video conference and will require the defendant to appear in person at the courtroom of the Gainesville Municipal Court.


You must have a webcam/built in camera with sound and video on your device for E-Court to be an option for you.


If using a handheld device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) you will also be required to install ZOOM APP before the conference begins if you do not already have the app.


                                     Other Requirements you will be required to have:

  • A device capable of accessing an internet connection (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc…)

  •  A fast and stable internet connection

  • A webcam attached to your PC or built in camera on your device that will allow the judge to see you during the video conference.

  • Your device must have a microphone connected or built in that will allow you to talk to the judge.

  •  Your device must have speakers attached or built in that will allow you to hear what the judge is saying to you.

  • You must have a working email address and you may possibly need to have the ability to scan paperwork or email images or documents for the judge to review.


                        Cases that are NOT ELIGIBLE for E-Court appearance

(Cases in which the prosecutor has exercised his/her right to be heard on the case)


Right to a New Trial: Defendants who have made an initial appearance on their cases via the E-Court Appearance are given the right to change their mind and be granted a new trial with in ten (10) days of the entry of the judgment upon request in writing filed with Gainesville Municipal Court.



E- Court is available Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  with exclusion of any City Holidays. No appointment necessary, simply click the link below.