Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore 3

Name:  Nancy Moore

Year Joined FBZS:  I think it was 2004.

Current City:  Gainesville

Hometown:  Gainesville

Work:  Retired teacher

Other Affiliations:  Active in many other organizations in town and serve on other boards.

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids:  Married, 2 daughters and 4 grandsons

Why did you join FBZS?:  I enjoy giving back to my community and was asked to serve and have enjoyed being a part of this positive board.  My grandsons LOVE our zoo and it is always a part of each of their visits to town!

What is your favorite FBZS Event?  I love Zoobilee and Zoolala.  It would be difficult to choose just one.

What is your favorite thing about the Frank Buck Zoo?  I enjoy the closeness to the animals at our zoo.