Heroes Among Us Series

The “Heroes Among Us” story series will be released twice monthly, featuring local heroes and organizations that exemplify the Totally Texas, All American spirit that is the fabric of the Gainesville Community. Stories are contributed by the City of Gainesville, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Gainesville Economic Development Corporation, Gainesville Independent School District, and North Central Texas College. Keep an eye out for the stories and see who we celebrate next!

Release is coordinated by the City of Gainesville. 

Heroes Among Us

Keisha farr

Keisha Farr and Mother

Photo courtesy of North Central Texas College - Keisha Farr and her mom Jeanette Farr at NCTC where they both work.

Keisha Farr has never met a stranger and her infectious smile and pure positivity make her a joy to be around. She is truly a hero among us at North Central Texas College.

Born and raised in Gainesville, Texas, Keisha is a graduate of both Muenster and Callisburg ISDs. She graduated in 2004 and her favorite subjects were math, cooking and crafts. While in school and after graduation, she participated in the Special Olympics until 2016. Very active in the Special Olympics, Keisha did track, shotput, relay, bicycling, and bowling.

Now, Keisha is employed part time by Great Western Dining at NCTC. She cleans tables in the cafeteria during the busy lunch rush. There is not a student or staff member that doesn’t light up with they see Keisha in the cafeteria. She greets each person that enters the cafeteria with a big smile or a hug.

“Since she was a little kid Keisha never knew a stranger, and that hasn’t changed now that she’s an adult,” said Jeanette Farr, Keisha’s mother who works in the IT Department at NCTC.

“I like working in the cafeteria because I get to be around the students every day and I get to talk to different people and be helpful to them,” said Keisha.

Keisha is also a huge fan of the NCTC Lady Lions Softball team. You can find her at the field watching their games most afternoons in the Spring. She is one of their biggest supporters.

“Coach Taylor Christian and the whole team have really taken Keisha under their wing,” said Jeanette. “They are very good to her and she just loves them.”

Keisha said she has been a softball fan since the day she started working at NCTC in 2010.

“She is most definitely NCTC Softball’s biggest fan and we are her biggest fans as well,” said Assistant Softball Coach Taylor Christian. “Keisha makes it to every home game she can no matter the weather and is the first to send our girls good luck through text and social media on away game days.”

In July 2018, Keisha’s mom Jeanette was diagnosed with breast cancer. Keisha was her mom’s biggest supporter and a constant reminder to her mom to keep fighting.

“Keisha became very motherly to me after I was diagnosed,” said Jeanette. “She was very protective, making sure I took my medicine and that I had eaten enough or drank enough water each day. Each and every day she gave me a big hug and reminded me that she loved me. Keisha gave me the hope and encouragement that I needed to keep going.”

Keisha even shaved her head to match her mom while she was undergoing treatment. In December 2018, Jeanette received the news that she was officially cancer-free.

After speaking to several people around campus, it’s clear that Keisha encourages everyone to be better versions of themselves. 

“Keisha’s heart is one of gold,” added Christian, “always encouraging, positive, outgoing and loving. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look forward to a hug from Keisha and her checking in on the softball girls. Every year she has usually impacted the girls in such a way that the girls try to give back to her any time there is a chance.”

Last year, for Keisha’s birthday the softball girls were able to surprise her with a gift of some of her favorite things, including chips, art supplies and a new NCTC Softball shirt.

Keisha still loves to do crafts and to color. When her shift in the cafeteria is over she can be found coloring or drawing on campus.

“Keisha is a delight to be around,” said Chief Information Officer Denise Cason. “She is always positive and looking to see how she can help others.”

She really does help others more than she knows, just by spreading her positive attitude and effervescent happiness.  

One of Keisha’s newest favorite things is being an aunt. She loves to spend her weekends helping take care of her one-year-old niece, Rinna.

When asking the softball girls if they would like to add anything about Keisha they all jumped at the chance. Just a few of the words they used to describe Keisha were courageous, friendly, caring, inspiring, hardworking, beautiful, loving, and a sweetheart.

Softball player Kacee Dellis added that Keisha gives her confidence because of how much she believes in the team no matter what.

“Her attitude and zeal for life is vibrant, inspiring and amazing,” said Christian. “Her smile is contagious and she can truly brighten your day when she greets you with that beautiful smile.”

Story contributed by Elizabeth Abu, Media Specialist, North Central Texas College.