Tips For A Successful Fieldtrip

Thank you for choosing the Frank Buck Zoo for your field trip! We are delighted to host your group, and want your visit to be a pleasant and memorable one. Here are some guidelines that will help you to plan your group’s visit. Please make sure all chaperones have a copy.

*Please plan to have the buses arrive at the zoo no later the 30 mins. prior to your first scheduled activity.*


Please designate one "point person" to arrive early to purchase all student admission wristbands and settle any invoices.

Students/teachers should wait either on the bus or by the train across from the entry until they get their admission wristbands.


Please collect money in advance, have money in one envelope for the cashier, or consider paying with a credit card (this is the most streamlined).

Please be prepared with the number of students/teacher admission needed and a copy of an invoice for scheduled activities/programs.

Meet group in the park with the admission wristbands to be distributed and applied.

Admission wristbands must be on before entering the zoo.


If the "point person" is riding a bus, please have the driver drop that person off at the entry, before proceeding to the east end of the park for parking. Your cooperation will streamline entry time, eliminate long lines and congestion at the entry.

*Please plan to have the buses arrive at the zoo no later the 30 mins. prior to your first scheduled activity.*

Parking Tips:
Buses proceed directly to east side of the park, past zoo entry, for student unloading and parking.

Chaperones are welcomed to park in any other available parking spaces.

Restroom Tips:

Please have students use the restrooms in the park before entering the zoo as there are more stalls in those restrooms.

The only restrooms in the zoo are located at the entry.

Please help us keep the zoo restrooms clean by chaperoning students while they are in the restrooms.

Programs Tips:

Please make sure your chaperones know what time the program they are attending begins.

It takes approx. 10 mins. for little ones to walk to the amphitheater from the entry, so please consider that in you planning.

Food Tips:

-For the safety of the animal collection no outside food is allowed in the zoo. Drinks without lids or straws are permitted.

Please plan to leave coolers on the bus, as there is no cooler storage inside the zoo.

You may picnic at tables or in the park pavilion in Leonard Park, outside the zoo if it is not already reserved by the Parks Dept. 940-668-4530. 

Bottled beverages, novelty ice cream and packeged snacks are available in the gift shop.

Animal feed is available from vending in designated areas. Vending feed is 25 cents.

Gift Shop Tips:

Souvenirs are available for as little as $5, stuffed animals start at $10.

So that we may best serve your group please limit number of students visiting gift shop to 15-20 with chaperones at one time.