Wastewater Collections and Water Distribution Divisions

Wastewater Collections Division

This division maintains all sanitary sewer mains in the city, makes new service additions to the overall systems and is responsible for sewer tap installations.

View sewer blockage guidelines (PDF)

Water Distribution Division

This division is responsible for operating, maintaining, and repairing water lines, valves, fire hydrants, portable meters, water meter shut offs and water tap installations .

These divisions also provide field assistance to customers, inspectors, and contractors.

Meter Shut-off Information

If you need to shut off your meter due to a water leak please call (940) 668-4500 there is not a charge for this service. DO NOT shut it off yourself because if you break the cut off you will be charged for it.

Shutting off water

Fee Schedule

Reporting Problems

To report any problem during normal working hours for water or sewer issues call the Public Works Department, Wastewater Collections and Water Distribution Divisions at (940) 668-4540.

For after hour emergencies, contact the Gainesville Police Department at (940) 668-7777 and the request will be forwarded to our standby personnel.

For problems with billing, please call the Customer Service Department at(940) 668-4500 located at 200 S. Rusk or Customer Service Department