Chris Looney

Chris Looney

Current City: Lindsay, TX 

Hometown: Bryan, TX

Work: Relationship Manager for CoBank, ACB

Other Affiliations: First United Methodist Church of Gainesville, Gainesville Kiwanis, Alpha Gamma Rho-National Agriculture Paternity

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids: Married to Dr. Myriah Johnson Kids: Sheridan Dawn Looney

Why did you join FBZS Zoo Board : Joined the Zoo Board because of a forever love for  Exotic Animals. I grew up wanting to be a Zoo Veterinarian and studied Pre Veterinary Medicine in school before changing career paths. Zoos are a special place that allows the imagination to run wild and see a little bit of the world through God's creatures. Running a Zoo is hard and it needs financial support. I felt joining the Board was the least I could do to try help our wonderful community. 

What is your favorite thing about the zoo: Favorite thing is our Cheetahs as they are my favorite animal and to have 4 is amazing!