Emily Laughlin

Current City: Denton, TX

Hometown: Texarkana, TX

Work: Human Resources Coordinator at North Central Texas College

Other Affiliations: NCTC LGBTQ+ Affinity Group Mentor, Open Worship - FUMC Denton.

Family/Marriage/Kids/Grandkids:I married my wonderful husband, Jake Laughlin, in April 2018. Together we have one beautiful daughter, Hazel Leigh Laughlin, who was born in October 2020.

Why did you join FBZS Zoo Board? I have always loved animals! When I was a kid, I would read any books about animals I could get my hands on and I loved watching the Animal Planet network! My husband was previously on the board and when I was asked if I would be interested in taking his place as his schedule no longer worked out, I immediately said yes! I wanted to be involved in an organization that serves the best interest of the animals at the zoo and also servers the wonderful community of Gainesville.

What is your favorite thing about the zoo? The giraffe encounter is the highlight of the zoo! Getting that up-close and personal with one of the most beautiful animals is such an incredible experience.